An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure — one that requires at least six weeks of rest to recuperate from.

By the time you’ve been given the green light by your surgeon that you can resume working out, you’re probably ready to get back to the gym. But overdoing it won’t be to your benefit. Compromising your full recovery isn’t worth it.

Working Out After A Tummy Tuck


Listen to your body

Getting back into any routine after major surgery should be a slow and steady process. The last thing you want to do is to hurt the incision site or overtax yourself. Your body will tell you when it has had enough. Listen to what it’s saying. 

Two weeks after surgery

If your surgeon says it’s all right, some light walking at this point would be fine.  It will help your muscles loosen up and help your circulation, which will aid in the healing process.

Four weeks after surgery

If the incision is looking good and you have enough energy, some light weightlifting, if cleared with your surgeon, might be all right at this point. Light is the operative word. Stay away from lifting anything heavy, for that matter. You could damage the abdominoplasty incision area.

Six to eight weeks after surgery

Doing abdominal-related exercises like crunches is still a no-go! These will have to wait about six months post surgery. Abdominal muscles must be 100 percent healed before they can be taxed in any way. You may be feeling well enough to do them, but you definitely shouldn’t. You can still harm yourself. Guidelines are in place for a reason.

What could happen if you push yourself

  • Even though you’re eager to start back to your old routine, you put yourself in harm’s way by doing so too early. Here are some reasons why:
  • If you’re still taking pain medication and you’re working out, you may lose your coordination. Lack of muscle control makes workouts hazardous.
  • Your heart rate and blood pressure increase, and that can cause bleeding at the surgical site, which could lead to complications and even the possible necessity for a surgical revision, which is something you definitely do not want.
  • Anything strenuous can damage muscles and the incision site, which might break open with too much heavy exertion.

Plan how to resume your exercise routine after your abdominoplasty with your surgeon. It’s the safest course of action.