While tummy tuck procedures continue to be one of the best ways to remove fat from the stomach area and help patients achieve a thinner appeal, many still question the safety of the surgery. It’s critical for those considering a tummy tuck to learn more about the procedure’s benefits and the safety challenges inherent within the surgical process, and so within this post we’ll examine the surgery more closely as we take a look at the question “Is a tummy tuck safe after stomach surgery?”.

Can You Undergo A Tummy Tuck After Past Surgery?


Location of Scar a Critical Consideration

Depending on the location of the previous surgery, most tummy tuck procedures can be completed on patients who have a undergone stomach operation. However, the surgeon may recommend that the patient undergo a variation on the tummy tuck procedure as a result of their previous surgeries. The scar from the past surgery may conflict with the circulation of abdominal skin during a tummy tuck, making the surgery more challenging. In most cases, when the scar is low enough on the body, it can be removed along with excess skin during a tummy tuck. But the surgeon will have the final say on whether the procedure moves forward.

The Following Patients Remain Suitable Candidates for Tummy Tucks

Some patients may have been put off the tummy tuck procedure because they have been misinformed that their past surgeries would prevent the process being completed safely. But with the right surgeon, the following patients can safely undergo a tummy tuck and achieve their ideal figure:

Patients who Have Undergone C-Sections

Mothers who have undergone C-sections are often prime candidates for the tummy tuck procedure. The patient will be able to remove the excess fatty deposits around their stomach and may even be able to remove some scar tissue depending on the location on the body of the C-section and the extent to which the body has recovered from the process.

Patient Who Have Undergone Appendectomies

The appendectomy procedure is relatively common across the country, and this means a large section of the population might falsely believe they are unable to undergo a tummy tuck due to their appendectomy scarring. Fortunately, with the innovation in surgical procedures in recent years, appendectomy scars tend to be quite small and simple for skilled surgeons to work around when completing tummy tuck procedures.

Patients Who Have Undergone Tubal Ligation

Women who have undergone tubal ligation are also prime candidates for the tummy tuck procedure. The scars from the process can be removed by a specialist when completing the tummy tuck.

By working with a skilled specialist and learning more about your unique tummy tuck options, you could achieve your ideal appearance this year! To learn more, contact our office team now.